Teachers Say YES! to TINT's Online Classes:

YES! to Graduate level classes which keep up credentials, move you up the pay scale!

YES! to working on your own schedule, at your own pace, at any time of the year, all from the convenience of home!

YES! to practical K-12 classes written and instructed by teachers with real classroom experience who dislike busy work as much as you do!

"I want to thank you for offering online classes like this one that allow working teachers to fit new learning into busy schedules. Our job is a difficult one, and I appreciate the respect shown to us by your organization. Realizing that we want the opportunity to grow our own skill-sets but may need flexibility to do so is an affirmation of what is right in education."  

---A TINT Student


"I have been taking TINT classes since 2012.  The reason I LOVE them so much is because I actually come away from the classes with things that I can use.  Things and information that is relevant to my classroom, my grade, my students and my community.  The things that I learn are very eye opening.  When I do the assignments, I not only do them to meet the requirements, but I make notes along the way that will remind me of the things that I have learned.  The things that I want to remember in September when the school year is fresh and new."

---A TINT Student

Class Offerings By # of Credits:

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Class Offerings By Title:

ADHD: Practical and Actionable Teaching Strategies (NEW)

Adolescent Brains: Understanding and Teaching Teens (NEW)

Are they Thinking? Simple Strategies to Change your Classroom Culture You Can Use Today!

Author’s Craft: Connecting Reading and Writing

Best Practices in Reading Instruction  (NEW)

Best Practices in Writing Instruction

Boys & Books: Strategies to Engage Male Readers

Bring Joy into STEM infused teaching: All Content Areas

Bringing Joy Into Teaching Poetry

Building a Classroom Community

Building a Strong Foundation:  The First Weeks of School

Building Your Resilience  (NEW)

Children’s Books: Author Studies

Children’s Books: Reading Allowed

Children’s Books: Wordless Wonders

Chromebooks in the Classroom: You Can Do It!

Classroom Management: Collaboration and Compassion (NEW)

Classroom Website/Blog: You Can Do It!

CPS: Collaborative and Proactive Solutions to Behaviors in the Classroom

Culturally Responsive Teaching: You Can Do It!

Curious Minds: Create a Culture of Inquiry and Authentic Learning

Differentiated Math: No Problem!

Diversity in Literature? Not All Books are Created Equal

Effective Distance Learning 

Engage and Connect (NEW)

For the Love of Math:  Increasing Appreciation and Understanding for All Students

Gamification: Next Level Teaching 

Genius Hour: Simple Steps to Increase Student Engagement Through Passion Projects

Google In the Classroom 

Growth Mindset Teaching: You Can Do It!

Intentional Technology: Focus on Learning (NEW)

iPads in the Classroom: You Can Do It!

Let’s Get Graphic: Choosing Graphic Novels for Classroom Use (NEW)

Making Homework Work

Math Fact Fluency: You Can Do It!

Mentor Texts: Choosing Standout Texts

Neuroscience and Pedagogy

Playing with Purpose 

Practical Strategies for Online and Hybrid Teaching  (NEW)

Project Based Learning

Relationship Focused Teaching  (NEW)

Restorative Practices in the Classroom

Science Inquiry: Using Science Mysteries to Engage Students

Science of Reading (NEW)

SEL-Social-Emotional Learning

Self- Initiated Learning Through Book Study

Student Success:  The Hidden Power of Character

Teacher as Counselor: Current Counseling Skills for the Classroom

Teacher Self-Care (NEW)

Teacher Time Management Techniques

Teaching and Practicing Mindfulness

Trauma Informed Teaching: Trauma's Effects on Students and What Teachers Can Do

Trauma Informed Teaching: Building a Classroom Culture of Safety (NEW)

Understanding Autism: Increasing your Empathy and Effectiveness in the Classroom

Understanding Dyslexia

Writer’s Workshop: You Can Do It! (NEW)

Writing is Fun!  Bringing Joy Into your Writing Instruction

YA/Teen Lit YAY!