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Strategies to Engage Male Readers

Boys often differ from girls in the reading materials they choose. This class is an independent exploration of how to turn reluctant males into enthusiastic readers. You will navigate resource-rich websites and discover how to find reading materials that appeal to boys.  You will evaluate, select, and add titles to your program with a focus on informational texts, biographies, graphic novels, magazines, etc. Upon completion of this course, you will have researched and designed literature-based activities that are ready for immediate use in your reading program.

For K-8 Teachers

This class is offered for 3 Quarter Credits

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Student Testimonials:

This class was a good reminder that sometimes boys need an extra push to find their path as readers. The resources were helpful and I was reminded that boys benefit from a variety of genres and types of texts.

—TINT Student

These self-paced multi-media exploration classes help me dive into the material in such a personally meaningful way. The choice board allows me to focus on domains of my interest under the general premise of the subject and essentially let me create the course I want to take.

—TINT Student

Thank you, again, for the opportunity and creative license to learn! Your self-paced exploration menus are very UDL.

—TINT Student

I believe that I’ve benefited from this class more than any other I can think of, and I very much appreciate your guiding questions, topics of research, and thoughtful responses.

TINT Student


Last summer I took a course, through TINT, Strategies to Engage Male Readers, and the response to the new strategies, and choices of books I used, was incredible. So, having had such an incredible experience this year, using some of the strategies and titles from the last course I took through TINT, I am looking to now revamp the read aloud component of my literacy block.

TINT Student