Partner University

Seattle Pacific University:

What can I earn? Graduate-level credits

Semester/Quarter? Quarter

Price per credit? $55 per quarter credit + TINT Tuition Fee

Term? You have one year from the date of enrollment to complete the course. Seattle Pacific University runs on a year-long term. The term reflected on your transcript is based on the date on which you enroll. In addition, a completion date will be listed showing the date your final grade was entered.

Student account creation? If you have never taken a course through SPU, you will need to create an SPU student account. There is no charge. You will provide basic information plus your social security number (IRS requirement for Higher Education Institutions).

Registration Process? On the TINT website, find the TINT class you want to register for and click on registration, selecting "Register with Seattle Pacific". You will be taken to a page on the SPU website where you will register for and pay for the class (TINT and SPU Tuition). You will receive a confirmation email that you have registered that will include your receipt and a link to the course work right away!

Payment options/timing? You will pay both the TINT tuition fee and the SPU credit fee at the time of registration.

I have finished my course. How soon is my grade posted? SPU posts grades within two business days of receipt from the instructor.

Limit of numbers of credits? No more than 60 quarter credits in an academic year.

Questions? If you have questions for SPU please call (206) 281-2031 or email

SPU is a member of the SARA consortium, which permits us to offer continuing education credit in 48/50 states. SPU is fully accredited through the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) and ranked in the top 250 in national universities with US News and World Report. We offer continuing education credits to teachers across the nation and around the world.