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Need an effective way to communicate with students and parents?  Share student work?  Display teaching ideas?  Whether you have already created a classroom website or blog or need to start one from scratch this class is for you.  Topics include the benefits of sharing online, how to do so safely, time to explore what other teachers have done and resources to help you take your old or new site to the next level.   


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For K-5 Teachers

This class is offered for 3 Quarter Credits

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Student Testimonials:

This class has been super helpful in preparing me to bring my vision to life.  I do not consider myself tech savvy, more tech comfortable, and the idea of creating a website was something that intrigued but overwhelmed me.  This class was perfectly placed and paced to help me accomplish what I was hoping to.  I appreciated being exposed to a variety of platforms, and left with the freedom to choose the one that I felt was right for my project.

TINT Student


This is why I love TINT classes. I get to take classes that are practical and applicable to what I am doing in my professional career….I love this class, thanks for creating it and making it so practical!

TINT Student


This was an amazing online class. I appreciated all the support and resources that you have provided. I feel like I have learned a lot in a short amount of time. The information that was provided in your class was very helpful for me, because I am very much a novice when it comes to building anything that is online. Technology is a challenge that I continue to try and grow in every day. In this digital day and age, it has been vital for me to grow along with the changes that have come. However, with the resources provided I am beginning to feel more comfortable with creating my website. I feel that this class has better prepared me to create an online website/blog.

TINT Student

Your Classroom Website/Blogs class was extremely worthwhile and enjoyable…In summary, I found your class to be extremely thorough, enjoyable, and pleasantly addictive.   Thank you so very much for all your efforts and encouragement, Ashley.

TINT Student

I thought this class was just great.  The assignments were meaningful, feedback was immediate and I am left with a final product that I will use to communicate with families every week.


The structure of this class worked well for me.  The assignments were clearly listed and easy to access.  I enjoyed the scaffolding of information – from what is a blog to security/safety to creating a blog.  The videos and websites were very useful and engaging.  This didn’t feel like a class of drudgery, but rather one that I looked forward to working on.  I think this is because I had all my questions answered and created something in the process.


I’m very pleased with my final project and I’m looking forward to updating it each week.  I have had a blog for several years, but it was not easy to use or access.  Overall, I think the site looks cleaner, clearer and a little more modern than my last one.  That, along with the ease of use, will be encouraging as I update my website each week.  Thanks for a great class!

TINT Student