Online Class:  

Neuroscience and Pedagogy

Instructor: Natalie Conway

This course is designed to give students an overview of current research in the field of neuroscience and explain how such research can impact classroom instruction. Students will learn the scientific evidence which backs up teaching practices regarding attention, memory, metacognition, emotions and learning, as well as findings for working with students in special education and adolescents. This is more than a brain-based course for educators. This course will give you deep knowledge that allows you to take the next steps in improving your teaching practice.


For K-12 Teachers

This class is offered for 3, 4 or 5 Quarter Credits

Required Textbook:  Neuroscience for Teachers: Applying Research Evidence from Brain Science by Churches, Dommett, and Devonshire

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Student Testimonials:

Thank you so much for this class.  I am inspired to try some new things in the classroom and I have new information about brain science that I believe will go a long way for my students.

TINT Student

I found the textbook to be extremely user-friendly for a non-science audience. The diagrams were helpful and appropriate for immediate application in an instructional setting. The reflections were a helpful metacognitive strategy that not only allowed me to put my learning into practice, but also increased my memory and knowledge of the subject. This course exceeded my expectations and I really appreciated Natalie’s prompt responses and helpful feedback. Thank you so much for your flexibility and communication!

TINT Student

As for what I found most beneficial about this course, it would have to be confidence in myself! Sorry if that’s not the most academic answer but it’s heartfelt and true. I tackled a new concept with lots of large, new terminology and I will now be able to renew my teaching license. One thing I appreciated about the course was the variety in assignments. Sometimes it was a reading and a summary and other times we made charts and filled in information. Having multiple ways of answering comprehension questions is helpful to me. And there was flexibility in the assignments, too, which I love because then I can get creative and do what works for my learning style [or wait, maybe that’s just me “taking more responsibility for my learning” (p.67)]. Anyway, thank you for your support and encouragement when responding to my assignment submissions.

TINT Student

 This course was extremely interesting--I found myself sharing the things I learned with colleagues and friends in conversation--and I thought the book did a great job of explaining some very heady concepts in digestible language. [...] As with any course, what helps me the most is when I’m prompted to connect the learning to my actual classroom practices; those prompts throughout the course were very helpful!

TINT Student

I found the reflections that accompanied each chapter to be the most beneficial part of the course because it allowed me to really plan and think through how I would use what I had just read about. Thank you so much for your prompt grades and comments, I felt that you were very supportive.

TINT Student

Thank you so much. I have really enjoyed this course and all it's nerdiness!

TINT Student

The most beneficial part of this course was the fact that it took neuroscience concepts, applied them to actual teaching strategies, and then discussed the psychology of what was taking place. Not only was this interesting to learn about, it provides me with some new fuel for changing up my teaching strategies and making them align with what the neuroscience research says are best practices.

Overall, even though I’m not finished yet ;), this course has been great! One of my colleagues took the course as well and we both agree that it was one of the best we have ever taken.

TINT Student