Online Class:  

Gamification: Next Level Teaching

Instructor: Krista Geffre

What makes kids and adults repeatedly return to their favorite video and board games? Gamers keep trying the same level to master the necessary skills and level up. Wish your students applied that same level of commitment to the classroom curriculum?  The answer is gamification! Learn how to take the mechanics of games that keep learners trying despite repeated failures and apply those same mechanics to your classroom and curriculum. Bring your teaching to the next level! 


This course is designed to help you create a classroom environment where students are engaged, motivated and excited by the gamification of lessons, activities, and curriculum.   As you read and reflect on the course text (details below) you will examine your own classroom practice and apply new ideas to your own practice. At the end of this course, you will have practical strategies and ideas for guiding your students to build knowledge through experimentation and play.


No technology required. 

For K-12 Teachers

This class is offered for 3 Quarter Credits

Required Textbook:

Level Up Your Classroom: The Quest to Gamify Your Lessons and Engage Your Students by Jonathan Cassie

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Student Testimonials:

I have sincerely enjoyed this course. It absolutely met my expectations and actually went beyond. I thought this was going to be more about screen time and how to tie online activities and games. Or simplistic print and play games. This was so much more. The text was a good selection for someone like me who has little experience with games. It was cleverly written to tie gamification into the Levels. I appreciate your time and feedback.  Very cool class!

TINT Student

It was interesting looking back at my first assignment, when I didn’t know anything about gamification, and then reading some of my last assignments where I planned out gamified lessons and units, it is amazing how much I have learned! 

TINT Student

I really enjoyed this class. I have actually been hearing about and thinking about gamified classrooms for a few years. To be honest, the impetus to take this class when I did was that I am 2 credits away from moving over a column on the salary schedule, but I am not only glad that I took it, I am also glad that I took it this summer. When I started this class I hoped that we would be back teaching in person in the Fall. Obviously that is now not the case, and it may be an entire school year of distance learning. Given that weird reality, I think any extra tool to increase engagement and the joy of learning in my students is very much worth trying this year. I am excited to try and gamify my class to encourage kids to stick with what they are learning and put their best effort in.


I would definitely recommend this class to colleagues who are open to a different way of looking at teaching and learning, and I may even be able to convince some of my colleagues to take your class this year!

TINT Student

I really liked all of the resources you gave us! I feel like I know where to look when I am working on gamifying my own class more. I really liked the book, it was an easy read and it had a lot of good examples.

TINT Student

I have enjoyed the topic and was interested before taking the class, now have information and will read more to continue the interest. I believe a good gamification experience would engage my students which would increase their learning and encourage me to build in more time to gamify.

TINT Student

I want to thank you for all the resources and feedback during this course. This new episode in my teaching -- teaching only math, using a gamified curriculum, working in a middle school setting rather than an elementary one -- would have been much more difficult to design and adjust to if I hadn’t found this course to take over the summer. I hope to utilize many of the ideas I’ve learned.

TINT Student