Online Class:  

Playing with Purpose

Instructors: Ashley Smith and Brooke Schmidt

Studies show that children's learning is optimized with play based learning. Play is an excellent way for children to explore the world around them. It develops students' creativity and allows them to strengthen connections with things that are familiar to them. Throughout this course you will learn ways to set up a meaningful play environment in your classroom, develop understanding about the teacher’s role in play and explore ways to share this information with fellow teachers and administrators.


For K-5 Teachers

This class is offered for 2, 3, or 4 Quarter Credits

For 2 Credits you will complete 7 assignments

For 3 Credits you will complete 9 assignments

For 4 Credits you will complete 11 assignments

Required Textbook:

Purposeful Play: A Teacher's Guide to Igniting Deep and Joyful Learning Across the Day by Kristine Mraz, Alison Porcelli, Cheryl Tyler.

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Option 1:  Non-Credit/Audit TINT Tuition Fee (20 PDUs): $415

 Option 2:  2 Quarter Credit (40 PDUs) = TINT Tuition Fee: $415

+ $110 SPU Credit Fee (Click here for SPU Info) = $525

Option 3:   3 Quarter Credit (60 PDUs) = TINT Tuition Fee: $525

+ $165 SPU Credit Fee (Click here for SPU Info) = $690


Option 4:  4 Quarter Credit (80 PDUs) = TINT Tuition Fee: $625

+ $220 SPU Credit Fee (Click here for SPU Info) = $845

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Student Testimonials:

My whole mindset on teaching has been shifted toward play and my heart infused with an enormous joy and excitement at the thought of teaching in this way. Taking this course has been life- changing in that has given new direction and excitement to my next steps. I am so, so glad I took, this course, and thank you so much for offering it.

—TINT Student

This class has given me more joy for teaching again in an incredibly trying year.  

—TINT Student

Overall, this class has expanded my awareness and drive to take play to a higher level in my class, and to the school at large. I am more of a champion now for free play at my school. I’ve had to stand up for the preservation of recess time and am always trying to expand it. I am more confident in talking with my colleagues now about purposeful play in their classrooms.

—TINT Student

Thank you for your feedback along the way and for helping me process all of my new learning. I've really enjoyed your classes!

—TINT Student

Wow! I loved this course very much. It took what we already know as teachers and put the science behind it!  This was the perfect class to learn from before starting a fresh new year! Thank you and hope that there are more courses like this one offered in the future.

 —TINT Student

This class not only gave me the research as to the WHY play is SO important for children and teachers, but I also was given beautiful ideas as to how to incorporate play into my classroom in easy ways immediately.  I feel completely confident in not only setting my a classroom full of “Purposeful Play” in all aspects of my day and across our curriculum, but I feel ready to share the importance of play with my administrator.

—TINT Student

Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the class and will recommend it to others. It was so nice to be able to work at my own pace and have such quick feedback.

—TINT Student

I am so glad that you added this class this year. I think it is important for educators to understand the importance of bringing play into the classroom. I feel that reading the book ​Purposeful Play,​ and the time that I have spent working on the assignments for this class has helped me solidify what I already knew: children learn best when they are engaged in play. It also helped me to understand the science behind this and has given me great resources and arguments to help others (like administration) understand the importance of play.

—TINT Student