Online Class:  

Engage and Connect (NEW) 

Instructor: Krista Geffre

In this course you will explore best practice engagement strategies as well as your ability to connect with at-risk and struggling students. The two course texts will complement each other.  Pedagogy of Real Talk will help to develop relationships with struggling or at-risk students while Creating an Actively Engaged Classroom  will help you develop concrete strategies to use with them.

This course is for any educators looking to build engagement in their classrooms through clear and actionable strategies and personal connection with their students.

For K-12 Teachers

This class is offered for 3, 4 or 5 Quarter Credits

Required Textbook:

The Pedagogy of Real Talk: Engaging, Teaching, and Connecting With Students At-Promise SECOND EDITION by Paul Hernandez

Creating an Actively Engaged Classroom: 14 Strategies for Student Success  by Todd Whitney, Justin Cooper, Terrance M. Scott

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Option 1:  Non-Credit/Audit TINT Tuition Fee (30 PDUs): $525


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Option 3:  4 Quarter Credit (80 PDUs) = TINT Tuition Fee: $625

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Option 4:  5 Quarter Credit (100 PDUs) = TINT Tuition Fee: $715

+ $275 SPU Credit Fee (Click here for SPU Info) = $990

Student Testimonials:

This class exceeded my expectations! I was hoping to gain new tools to use in the classroom on how to better engage students and this course not only offered resources, it also offered thoughtful explanations behind these resources. It offered the “why” as to why I would want to use these resources. I also really appreciated the in depth examples and explanations on Real Talk. I feel like this is something I try to do naturally, but understanding how to intentionally implement it and utilize it is very exciting to me. So I really appreciated learning more about Real Talk. I also feel like the activities were intentional and thought-provoking, pushing me to think deeper and challenge what I already am doing in the classroom. As an educator, I love to reflect on what I do and am constantly looking at ways to evolve and grow my teaching, and I definitely feel like this course has given me new insights in ways to engage my students and I am so excited to enter this school year with these tools in my toolbox. 

TINT Student

This class was a wonderful reminder of how important it is to connect with our students on a human to human level. I’m happy that there are so many resources out there for how to engage students. Sometimes I forget to plan movement breaks for fun discussion based activities when I’m lesson planning. Now I have a library of them to choose from that’s as easy as walking in the morning and picking one out for the day. 

TINT Student

I enjoy any course that makes me think about my teaching practices and why I believe what I believe and why I do what I do. That is always my favorite part about taking these courses is that I have someone asking me to ask myself questions and learn and grow a little more. I thought this class was super interesting, easy to follow, and a good mix of theoretical and practical. The largest way this course has changed my teaching practice is through the idea of Real Talk. I found it really inspiring and aligned with a lot of my core beliefs as a human and an educator.

TINT Student

I always find your comments and thoughts helpful, and I really appreciate your prompt feedback! I was pleasantly surprised by the Real Talk book and I already have a place on the shelf for Creating an Actively Engaged Classroom. Whenever I’ve done any professional development I’ve typically found the most satisfaction and utility from the conversations with other educators. The ideas and feedback are often the highlight of the experience and I feel like thinking through and typing through my thoughts, and having a bit of commentary on your part has been a good substitute for that kind of collaborative experience. I just bumped into my principal the other day, and explained what TINT classes I was taking, and she was excited and thought they’d be useful and a good fit for my current assignment, so that’s nice too. I love that PZ website (welcome to the bookmarks menu!) and I appreciate the format of TINT online classes, so flexible and straightforward - hopefully on your end as well! Thank you again, Krista, for your prompt and thoughtful feedback, for well-designed and useful courses, and for putting up with my rambling and general goofiness. :)

TINT Student