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Children's Books: Wordless Wonders

Instructors: Ashley Smith and Brooke Schmidt

Wordless books give students an opportunity to improve their reading and writing skills by practicing inferring, building an understanding of the relationship between pictures and words and identifying the story structure. At your own pace, you will explore wordless books that give students of all levels and abilities, learning opportunities, including using pictures clues to strengthening their understanding of story and plot.


Students will:

For K-5 Teachers

This class is offered for 2 Quarter Credits

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Student Testimonials:

In addition to adding Wordless Books to a weekly library lesson for each grade level, I plan to share what I learned about wordless books with the K-5 teachers at my school!

 —TINT Student

I have really enjoyed learning about wordless books and getting some great ideas to use in my classroom. I now have an amazing start on new activities to use in my classroom.

—TINT Student

I really enjoyed this course and I feel that I learned a lot just by studying so many Wordless books.  What a pleasure to be required to read so many works of art!

—TINT Student

I cannot thank you enough- this class has been AWESOME and it came at such a great time in my career, being useful with my ELL students in particular!

—TINT Student


This has been a really great experience and I am so glad that I have this new knowledge to put to great use in the classroom.   I really loved this course and I highly recommend it!  

—TINT Student