Online Class:  

Writing is Fun!  Bringing Joy Into Your Writing Instruction

Instructor: Krista Geffre

In this course you will take an in-depth look at writing workshop. You will be guided through reflections and planning for starting Writer’s Workshop for the first time or updating your current practice. This course will break down the elements that create an engaging, effective, and meaningful writer’s workshop while helping you understand not only the importance of but how to build a community of writers in your classroom. The course text (details below) is filled with practical advice and ideas in an easy to use format.


A few of the topics this course will cover are: building a community of writers, whole class instruction, mini lessons, independent writing, conferring, small group instruction, sharing, and more.

For K-6 Teachers

This class is offered for 3 or 4 Quarter Credits

Required Textbook:

Welcome to Writing Workshop: Engaging Today’s Students with a Model That Works by Stacey Shubitz and Lynne Dorfman

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Option 1:  Non-Credit/Audit TINT Tuition Fee (10 PDUs): $295


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Option 3:   3 Quarter Credit (60 PDUs) = TINT Tuition Fee: $525

+ $165 SPU Credit Fee (Click here for SPU Info) = $690

Student Testimonials:

This has been such a great course! It has improved my writing instruction in the classroom and has helped me become better at keeping my own writer’s notebook.

The reason why I took this class was the title! I needed to find joy in teaching writing and my students sure needed to find joy in their writing. I felt like we were all in a stupor and just stuck. The text was chock full of ideas to implement and helped remind me of some great resources that I already had. It helped me find ways to take subject matter that I’m already teaching in class and create little ways to add fun and playful writing into the day.

This class definitely met my expectations! I’m so glad I took it. I feel like it got me back in the groove of teaching writing in a fun way. My students have been enjoying it more these few weeks more than ever.

TINT Student

I enjoyed reading through the literature for this course...I liked when the reading got to sharing different ideas on how to teach writing in your classroom and make it fun! I think it will help to create a stronger classroom community as well as helping children who struggle with writing.

TINT Student

I believe that the most beneficial part of the class was getting to practice greenbelt writing strategies with my students. I liked how the class was so applicable to my teaching. I had to use the strategies with my students and observe the results. It got me out of my comfort zone and my students really benefited from that. I think that this class exceeded my expectations. I think that my expectation at the beginning was that I would learn a few new techniques to improve my writing instruction. I am coming away from this class with a refreshed mindset and attitude towards writing. I thought that I needed to teach students how to write well for fourth grade and certain genres of writing. Students do need to learn to write paragraphs and different genres of writing but they also need to learn how to enjoy writing. I have rediscovered the joy of writing that I had when I was a child. I believe that joy is rubbing off on my students.

TINT Student