Online Class:  

Understanding Dyslexia

Instructor: Colleen Thompson

In this course you will learn how people with dyslexia process information. While these brain differences can result in reading and writing difficulties, they can also be advantages in other areas. Understanding the whole child better, teachers can empower dyslexic students, helping them navigate the many social-emotional challenges that are faced by people with dyslexia. You will be exposed to effective, evidence-based practices to help students with dyslexia read and write, as well as appropriate accommodations that will give them fair access to the curriculum. These practical strategies will aid you in creating a more dyslexia-friendly learning environment.

For K-12 Teachers

This class is offered as for 3 credits

Required Texts:

The Dyslexic Advantage, Unlocking the Hidden Potential of the Dyslexic Brain by Brock.L.Eide M.D.,M.A. and Fernette F. Eide, M.D.

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Student Testimonials:

My goals for this class have definitely been met.  I have learned about how the dyslexic brain works, some of the strengths and the challenges that people with dyslexia experience, how society and especially parents and educators can accommodate the learning needs of these students to help them flourish, and insight into how people with dyslexia may feel (and how I can be more sensitive to them).  I have learned and understand more about dyslexia than I ever expected to from this class, quite honestly.  There has not been a professional development class that I’ve taken in the past 14 + years that has had such a profound impact on me.  Even if my son, who is likely to be diagnosed with dyslexia, wasn’t in my life, the variety of materials that really rounded out this process of learning, emotionally impacted me.


Thank you for developing this class.  It is a true gift to educators and parents.  I will continue to spread the word to others and also learn more for myself.  And when I need to take another class, I’ll be looking for one of yours!

TINT Student

My goal for this course was to learn more about students with dyslexia and how to help them. Through this course I feel like I have met and exceeded my goal. I didn't think the learning would be as holistic as it was. There is a lot more to consider when working with students with dyslexia beyond just how to help them learn to read. I now understand that I have a much bigger job than just helping students with dyslexia learn to read.It is important to instill a growth mindset in students, encouraging them when things are difficult, and reminding them that they have other strengths and can shine in many ways beyond reading and writing. Overall, I am grateful for the learning in this course as it has changed the way I look at students who are struggling to read and write. I feel much more equipped to teach students with dyslexia now. 

TINT Student

This course has given me a great foundation of information about the dyslexic brain.  The information will help me look for strengths within all of my students.  Too often, I have looked at what skills need to be improved in each student.  I have not taken the time to celebrate the strengths that each student possesses.  This celebration of strengths is important for all students, but especially students who learn in a different way than typical classrooms are set up to impart knowledge.  This is information that should be taught in teacher preparation classes.  Going through my undergraduate classes and teaching preparedness courses, we never spoke about dyslexia.  That needs to change.

TINT Student

I have renewed my passion for those with dyslexia or any other learning difference. I have gained more empathy and hope to allow my students to have more pride in their accomplishments going forward.I believe I have learned new information on brain research and what has been found about how the brain works and doesn’t work for those with dyslexia.  There is nothing wrong with their brains. It is actually more creative, comes up with better solutions than others and works through the same information differently but not wrong.  They have so many advantages in areas that we need to empower.  I have appreciated the feedback and sharing I have received in this class.

TINT Student