Online Class:  

Understanding Autism-Increasing Empathy & Effectiveness in the Classroom

Instructor: Natalie Conway

This course is designed to help you to create a classroom environment where students with autism are able to thrive under your empathetic and understanding guidance.  As you read and reflect on the course text (see details below) you will examine your own biases and prior knowledge and apply new ideas for supporting students with autism and their families. At the end of this course, you will have gained a better understanding of what autism is and how to help those with autism thrive in your classroom setting.


For K-12 Teachers

This class is offered for 3 Quarter Credits

Required Textbook:  

Uniquely Human: A Different Way of Seeing Autism (2nd Edition 2022) by B. Prizant, Ph.D. 

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Student Testimonials:

 I wanted to say thank you for providing this course.  This was a golden resource for me and I am truly excited to put it into action next year when we welcome our autism program into our school.  This class has been shared as a resource to the rest of our staff, I know they will find it just as amazing as I did!! Thank you so much! 

TINT Student

I have worked with 'children with autism' for years if you prefer person first approach of talking about these individuals. For those children and adults who prefer to be identified as 'autistic people,' I will also say, 'autistic children.'  This is precisely the nuanced, honest, and frank discussion that the class, Understanding Autism, encouraged. It was my safe space to reflect on my past practice to help shape my future teaching. In a word, the class was invaluable. 

TINT Student

Thank you for a wonderful class and your positive feedback.  I am grateful to have grown in my thinking and understanding of autism.

TINT Student

This course on ASD was enlightening, simple, and actually enjoyable. Natalie is a great teacher and provided quality, reflective feedback in a timely manner. This course helped me to think more critically about my teaching practices and how I can better work with all of my students. 

TINT Student

I have truly enjoyed this course and am excited for what it has taught me and to move forward using this knowledge in my teachings!

TINT Student

I loved this course! Not only did I learn new information, it helped me tap into skills that I already had and see how they fit with this population! I referenced material from this course multiple times at my school before I even finished it! Natalie is a great instructor and a pleasure to work with!

TINT Student

I really enjoyed this course and have learned many key ideas that will help me while working with students with autism and generally about SEL skills that will benefit all students. This was a very rewarding course!

TINT Student

I had to think a lot more for this class. I also enjoyed the class discussion element. It was great to interact with others who've taken the class. And the text was wonderful. An excellent book!

TINT Student