Online Class:

Project Based Learning

Instructor: Krista Geffre

This course will walk you through the process of designing an engaging project-based learning unit. Project based learning is an effective method of teaching where students learn through engaging in real-world and meaningful projects. Project based learning engages students in the learning process and makes learning fun. The course text and additional readings and resources will help you to understand how to create high quality project-based learning and will help you to develop the skills and strategies you need to implement it successfully in your classroom. You will leave this course with an understanding of project-based learning and a complete project-based learning unit plan that you can teach in your classroom right away.

For K-12 Teachers

This class is offered for 3 Quarter Credits

Required Textbook (Pick the Correct One for Your Grade Level):

Keep it Real With PBL: A Practical Guide for Project-Based Learning, Secondary by Pieratt

Keep it Real With PBL: A Practical Guide for Project-Based Learning, Elementary by Pieratt

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Student Testimonials:

Having the outlined assignments with the partnered PBL text made this course really manageable and enjoyable. I was nervous going into this course, being relatively new to PBL, and what the management of these assignments and planning out a PBL project would look like. This course definitely met my expectations and goals. I feel much more confident in not only planning out PBL projects, but more importantly, in coaching other educators in the work. As I transition into my new role... I am excited to take what I have learned from this course and partner this practice with digital technology integration support. Thanks so much for putting together such a thorough, transferable course!

—TINT Student