Online Class:  

Effective Distance Learning

Instructor: Krista Geffre

Distance learning can be meaningful, engaging, and filled with joy for both students and teachers.  This course you will explore how to adjust your practice and support students in the virtual environment.  You will learn about digital tools to streamline your communication with students and families and to simplify your workday. The instructor, Krista Geffre, has been teaching students, K-12, in the online setting successfully since 2013.  Throughout the course, she shares her expertise, best practices, and time-saving tips for managing your workload effectively while supporting and encouraging students and their families.


The course text (see details below) guides you through reflections on your current classroom practice and adapting for distance teaching. The additional course readings and resources will help you to develop the tools and strategies for successful distance teaching and learning. 


For K-12 Teachers

This class is offered for 3 or 4 Quarter Credits

Required Textbook:

The Distance Learning Playbook Grades K-12: Teaching for Engagement and Impact in any Setting (Fisher, Frey, Hattie)

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Student Testimonials:

The most beneficial aspect of this class is being able to reflect on my distance learning experience. As I read The Distance Learning Playbook and other readings I couldn’t help but keep thinking these are all things I should be improving upon in my brick and mortar classroom as well. It was a good reminder of effect-size continuum, teacher clarity, and efficacy. As Hattie states, “We need to change the question from what works to what works best. We need to talk about learning, not teaching.”

TINT Student

I thought this class was really beneficial for this time. I enjoyed walking through the Distance Learning Playbook and also enjoyed the additional resources you included. I found your personal additions the most helpful and applicable. All of your “Time Saving Tips” made it feel like I was given little gems from a mentor teacher of things that have really worked. I appreciated your quick response and thoughtful comments. I knew you were actually taking time to look through my work and that encouraged me to spend more time and be thoughtful on my assignments. Thank you so much!

TINT Student

I really enjoyed the textbook for this course! It was an easy ready, not stressful to read after working a long day. I enjoyed the assignments that really made me self reflect and think about my current practice. The assignments felt like journaling and each one made me feel very good about myself when I finished. Yes! This course met my expectations!

TINT Student

This course has changed my CDL teaching practices by reminding me to participate in “best practice” even though school is not normal. I think it’s really easy to drop everything I know and try to just survive in this new teaching world. Taking this class made me slow down and remember what’s best for kids! This class was great for me to take!


TINT Student