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Best Practices In Reading Instruction (NEW)

This course will give you a fresh perspective on your reading instruction. Reading is personal and can be a difficult subject to teach when students struggle. You will be guided through reflections on your current instruction while exploring new ideas and confirming the best practices you already use. Throughout this course we will focus on simplifying your reading instruction while making it more meaningful and fun for you and your students. Throughout the course you will look at reading instruction through three core areas: engagement, excellent, and equity.

For K-12 Teachers

This class is offered for 3, 4 or 5 Quarter Credits


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Regie Routman (K-12)


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Student Testimonials:

Teaching is such an amazing job, but hard - we are doing so much with what we got! Thank you, Krista - for doing an amazing job and providing materials to use and reflect on so deeply. I love all your courses and all that you give us to read - it truly is amazing. Such fun and great enriching texts. Absolutely met my expectations 100%!

—TINT Student

This course gave me the kick of motivation I was hoping for. It has been a tumultuous last few school years with Covid and social distancing. I found myself feeling burn out as well as losing interest in my career. This is one of the reasons why I decided to apply for the Reading Specialist position, to see if a change might keep me in the field. With this course and assigned reading, I learned many valuable strategies that I can see myself using not only within my small reading groups, but with Professional Development as well.

The most beneficial aspect of this class was the incredible amount of reflection I was able to do in regards to my teaching experience. I have been teaching for 8 years, and this course had me thinking back to my first year of teaching and reflecting on those things I’ve been doing well, and areas of growth. I especially enjoyed taking on something I’ve been doing, and getting ideas and tips to build on my current work to make it better.

—TINT Student

This course was great! I wanted to take a class that would help renew my knowledge about reading instruction and I feel much closer to being ready for the classroom (there’s always room for more growth!). In particular, I liked reading Strategies that Work. It had so many clearly defined strategies and examples. They helped me to picture what the strategies will look like in my future classroom. I also appreciated the opportunity to develop a lesson plan using strategies from the course. Even though I am not teaching, I found this to be a valuable practice and spent a lot of time thinking through how to select strategies for the lesson, focusing on deeper themes, and how to gradually release responsibility.

—TINT Student

My honest reflection of this class is that it was one of the more helpful classes I’ve taken for continuing education. Not only was I re-inspired, but I feel more equipped with practical, ready-to-be-implemented processes that will enrich my students and the class community as a whole.

—TINT Student