Summer 2022:

Responsive Writing Small Groups & Conferences

Instructor: Kari Tunstill

Wondering how to follow-up with students after you have taught a mini-lesson? Wondering what’s better; small groups or conferences? Wondering how to be a responsive teacher? This is the class for you! In this class, participants will examine two different types of writing instruction modes; small groups and conferences. You will learn how to diagnose writing quickly and effectively, and hone-in on common issues for students at every grade level. You will be given time to create demonstration texts, prepare materials, and peruse storybooks to find mentor texts so you are prepared the first day. Grades K-5

Price includes two required textbooks: Teaching Writing in Small Groups (Serravallo) and The Writing Strategies Book: Your Everything Guide to Developing Skilled Writer (Serravallo).

August 1-3, 2022

Times: 9-2:30pm

Location: West Linn High School in West Linn, Oregon

Non-Credit (30 PDUs):

$595 TINT Tuition (Includes 2 Required Textbooks)

3 Quarter Credits (60 PDUs):

$595 TINT Tuition + $165 SPU= $760 Total (Includes 2 Required Textbooks)